Get on the Cloud


You want your website to run smoothly, securely and consistently.
Don't trust it to free/cheap hosting solutions. Unlimited disc space and bandwidth is frequently offered but may not live up to expectations. If you're hosted on a shared server then other websites will be using up those resources too.
Cloud Computing

Get hosted on a high availability Cloud

Virtual Private Server (VPS) with added benefits. Your site will not be hosted on one server but a clustered group. Should one server experience a hardware failure, then the others will continue to provide your website. Strong security through an active firewall and hardened PHP services give added assurance of a quality service.

The number of websites are capped to sensible levels. Limits are placed on disc space and bandwidth, ensuring a fair slice of the hosting resources. You will not have your site slowed down by other sites streaming video content, for example.

This environment is exclusively for hosting e-commerce and informational content

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ejSolutions - ecommerce hosting and maintenance

UK based hosting plans for ecommerce, including osCMax, osCommerce, Prestashop, Storesprite and Zencart